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The Baltic Sea Fund works for the entire Baltic Sea region by drawing attention to actions for the benefit of our common and sensitive inland sea.The purpose of the foundation is to promote and support research and other activities regarding the protection of the environment of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea Fund awards prizes, scholarships, and subsidies to decisive actions for the benefit of the environment. An important part of the activities is to disseminate information and knowledge about the environment of the Baltic Sea to the 90 million inhabitants of the region.

The Baltic Sea Fund was founded in 1989 through a private donation of half a million euro. The initiator and donator was Councillor of Commerce Anders Wiklöf.



Baltic Sea Fund Laureates 2017


HELCOM Maritime Working Group is rewarded with 20,000 euros for its work to reduce emissions from shipping in the Baltic Sea. The prohibition to release sewage from ships in international waters and the implementation of the Baltic Sea as a special area in the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx Emission Control Area, NECA) to reduce the nitrogen load to the Baltic Sea noticeably, belong to the group's success in recent years. HELCOM Maritime Working Group has worked as a driver and developed the basis for decisions made in the International Maritime Organization (IMO). As shipping is international in its character, international cooperation is required to bring about regulation. HELCOM Maritime Working Group has, through long-term and persistent work successfully acted as a catalyst to bring about international agreements for the benefit of the Baltic Sea environment.

Interview with Anna Petersson, chair of HELCOM Maritime Working Group


Lasse Wiklöf Prize
Member of Parliament, former Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö from Turku, Finland is given the Lasse Wiklöf Prize of 10,000 euros for his work for the Baltic Sea environment. During his political career Ville Niinistö has been involved in several Baltic Sea issues. As Finland's representative in HELCOM he has participated in taking decisions on emission limits and the national goals on nutrient reduction, and has been active in fisheries and maritime issues. Ville Niinistö has highlighted the importance of reducing emissions to the Baltic Sea, not only for the environment but also for the economy as costs to reduce nutrient emissions are significantly lower than the economic benefits of a clean sea.

Interview with Ville Niinistö.


Åland Prize
The company Goodtech Environment Ab is rewarded with 3,000 euros for its innovative work in environmental engineering. Goodtech Environment Ab has developed technology and customized solutions for waste water and drinking water treatment and the treatment of process water for municipalities and industries. Additionally, Goodtech Environment Ab has developed solutions for energy and biogas production.

Interview with Alef Jansson, Goodtech Environment.

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