About the Foundation

The Åland Foundation for the Future of the Baltic Sea, also known as The Baltic Sea Fund, was founded in 1989 through a private donation of FIM 3 million, corresponding to half a million euro. The initiator and donator was the businessman, nowadays appointed Councillor of Commerce, Anders Wiklöf.

The purpose of the foundation is to promote and support research and other activities regarding the protection of the environment of the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea Fund awards prizes, scholarships, and subsidies within the fields of scientific research and technology, as well as for publishing activities, and measures, inititives, and other actions promoting the protection of the environment of the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea Fund, which is an independent organisation, works for the entire Baltic Sea region by drawing attention to actions for the benefit of our common and sensitive inland sea. An important part of the activities is to disseminate information and knowledge about the environment of the Baltic Sea to the 90 million inhabitants of the region. The activities are supervised by a delegation of seventeen members elected for a term of office of three years.

The business and assets of the foundation is administered by a board of directors of five persons, appointed by the delegation. The term of office of the board is also three years.

c/o Hotell Arkipelag
Strandgatan 35, AX-22100 Mariehamn
Tel: +358 (0)18-15270


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