Events and projects

The Baltic Sea Fund arranges and participates in various events and projects, which you can find more information about here.

In connection with the annual award ceremony, we arrange a seminar with this year's prize winners mixed with previous ones. The theme of the seminar is largely influenced by the work and thematic focus of the prize winners of the year. Read more here.

"Get to know your neighbor" is by now a traditional event organized in the autumn. The purpose of the event is to give actors working with Baltic Sea issues, mainly from Sweden, Finland and the Åland Islands the possibility to meet, make contacts, learn from each other and get inspired. Read more here.

The Baltic Sea Day is celebrated on March 22nd every year. On Åland the celebrations began already in the 1990s. In the Baltic Sea Day we highlighted topical Baltic Sea issues. Read more here.

The demonstration wetland "Wallins Oasis" the in Sund on Åland is a joint project between the Baltic Sea Fund, the local government of Åland and PAF and Ålandsbanken as financiers. The constructed wetland will improve water quality and increase biodiversity, but also serve demonstration purposes. Read more here.

The popular concert Voices for the Baltic Sea has been held six times since 2007. The profits from the concert goes to the Baltic Sea Fund. Read more here.


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