- Östersjöfonden is founded

Councillor of Commerce Anders Wiklöf establishes Östersjöfonden through a donation of 3 million FIM. At the foundation of Östersjöfonden he expresses his hope like this:

“Aware of the need for wide-ranging collective efforts, where an individual person has limited opportunities to influence, I still want to make a contribution and hope that others can do it.”

The picture shows the first logo.

- The First Award Ceremony

The first award ceremony is held in May 1990. The winners are Dr. Stig Fonselius from Sweden for his Baltic Sea research, Professor Harald-Adam Velner from Estonia for his work at HELCOM and journalist Ilkka Hannula from Finland for the TV series “The Baltic Sea”. Kaj Ådjers receives a scholarship to participate in the project “The Gulf of Bothnia Year 1991”.

- The magazine The Baltic Sea World

Östersjöfonden begins to publish the magazine “The Baltic Sea World”. The magazine is published in a total of six issues from 1994-1999. The publication has a large edition (43,700-80,000 ex.) and is distributed among others free of charge to passengers on ferries in Baltic Sea traffic. The first issues have Swedish main text, while some articles have the summary in other languages. The last two issues of the magazine are published in different language versions.

- The first Åland Award

The first Åland Award is handed out. The purpose of the prize is to reward a local Åland environmental deed. The first Åland Prize goes to Odlarringen for their efforts regarding the production and marketing of organic products in Åland.

- Voices for the Baltic Sea

The concert “Voices for the Baltic Sea” is arranged for the first time. The artists represents the song elite of Åland and all the income from the concerts go to Östersjöfonden. The concerts are annually arranged and several of them are held in the arena at Andersudde, Anders Wiklöfs summer place. Over the years, artists such as Dan Karlström, Therese Karlsson, Jenny Carlstedt, Björn Blomqvist, Christian Juslin, Mikael Fagerholm, Frida Österberg, Sofie Asplund, Leonarde Brändström, Johanna Grüssner, Minna-Lisa Ferna and Jens Palmqvist perform. The last concert is arranged in 2015 when the world stars Divine and Il Divo perform.

- The first Lasse Wiklöf Award

The so-called Lasse Wiklöf Award is set in memory of Lasse Wiklöf, one of the foreground figures of Östersjöfonden, who died the year before. The prize is awarded to a Nordic parliamentarian who has worked to improve the state of the Baltic Sea and who, in his/her work, demonstrated solid knowledge, great commitment and strong force of action. The first Lasse Wiklöf Award is handed out to the Norwegian parliamentarian Asmund Kristoffersen.

Photo: Jonas Edsvik / Nya Åland

- President Ahtisaari becomes the Patron of Östersjöfonden

Nobel Peace Prize Winner, President Martti Ahtisaari becomes the Patron of Östersjöfonden Baltic Sea Fund patron.

In the picture from the left: Managing Director Lotta Nummelin, President Martti Ahtisaari, founder Anders Wiklöf and chair of the Delegation, Governor Peter Lindbäck.

- First edition of Get to know your neighbour

The annual event “Getting to know your neighbor” is born from the idea of increasing cooperation between Baltic Sea actors from Finland, Sweden and Åland, but also increasing understanding and knowledge between sectors such as the research community, the environmental movement, the business sector and the administration. Great focus is placed on dialogue between the participants, the opportunity to exchange good examples and ideas, free conversations and an atmosphere to try the untested. The event is arranged every autumn.

- Östersjöfonden celebrates 30 years!

It has been 30 years since Östersjöfonden was founded. Over the years, a total of approximately 830,000 euros has been awarded to 91 persons and organizations around the entire Baltic Sea region: researchers, environmentalists and non-profit organizations, journalists, farmers, environmental managers, parliamentarians, environmental educators and many more. They have worked in areas such as shipping, agriculture, environmental management, fisheries issues, nuclear power, water treatment, boating, nature conservation, harmful substances, eutrophication and more. During our anniversary year, we present the stories of our award winners.