For a Cleaner Sea

Our mission is to create a meeting place for Baltic Sea actors of all kinds. We are spreading knowledge and inspiration, and are annually awarding forerunners with the Baltic Sea Award. By these means, we want to draw the regions attention to our common and sensitive sea.

We are rewarding and highlighting the heroes of the Baltic Sea, people who show the way forward through their work and commitment. We also want to encourage new initiatives and engage more people.

Award Winners 2019

Östersjöfonden has been awarding persons and organisations for significant and prominent efforts for the Baltic Sea environment since 1990. In total, approximately 830,000 euro has been awarded to 91 persons and organisations over the years.

Baltic Sea Award 2019

Olga Senova

Olga Senova, St. Petersburg, Russia, is one of the earliest frontrunners in the environmental movement in Russia. She has been involved in a variety of Baltic Sea issues, including waste water treatment in rural areas,…
Baltic Sea Award 2019

Jochen Lamp

Jochen Lamp, Stralsund, Germany, has worked nationally and internationally within the NGO sector for the long-term conservation of the Baltic Sea nature and natural resources. He has contributed to reducing the impact on nature in…
Baltic Sea Award 2019

Mikko Jokinen

Mikko Jokinen, Turku, Finland, was one of the first municipal environmental directors in Finland and has participated in first building up and later developing environmental protection practice in Finland. He has also actively contributed to…
Baltic Sea Award 2019

Erik Bonsdorff

Professor Erik Bonsdorff, Turku, Finland, has contributed with his research to an increased understanding of the character of the Baltic Sea, as well as its sensitivity and ability to recover after disturbances. He has been…
Lasse Wiklöf Award 2019

Pertti Salolainen

Pertti Salolainen, Helsinki, Finland, is rewarded with the Lasse Wiklöf Award of 10,000 euros for his work for the Baltic Sea and its nature as member of the parliament, minister, party leader and ambassador, where…
Åland Award 2019

Jan Holmes, Isabel Kvarnfors and Erik Lindholm

The following people are rewarded with the Åland Award for their ground breaking pioneering work for the organic agriculture on Åland and long-term environmental commitment. The prize of 9,000 euros is shared equally between: -…


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10 January 2019

Award Ceremony 2019

This year's Award Ceremony will be held on Friday 10th of May in Mariehamn. During the Award Seminar we will meet the Award Winners from the past and present. During the actual Award Ceremony in the evening we will see the Award Winners receive their…
10 January 2019

Nature School 2018

In 2018, a total of 192 pupils and 19 adults participated in Östersjöfonden Nature School classes at the Åland Nature School. The spring nature school day was held with all groups in the wetland in Sund, Wallin's oasis. The classes got acquainted with the wetland,…
Nobel Peace Prize Winner, President Martti Ahtisaari

Patron of the Foundation

“Peace and security in society also requires a balance in nature. The pressure man causes the environment becomes more apparent every day that passes. Each of us must ensure that we act in a manner ensuring safe living conditions for future generations. It is important to encourage public authorities, researchers, representatives of the business community and citizens to save the Baltic Sea, which is close to us. I appreciate the Baltic Sea Fund’s work and am happy to be able to act as Patron of this foundation. “