Together we change the story about the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is today described as one of the most polluted seas in the world. Our goal is to reach a point where we can show the Baltic Sea as a good example and tell a success story. We believe that through joint efforts, we can break the unfavorable development.

We want to contribute to this favorable development by rewarding, supporting and inspiring Baltic Sea actors on all levels. We also want to communicate the success to everybody who lives around the Baltic Sea through the stories of our award winners.

Östersjöfonden (The Baltic Sea Fund) was founded in 1989 by a private donation by the businessman Anders Wiklöf. The purpose of the foundation is to promote and support research and other activities related to the protection of the Baltic Sea environment.

The Delegation

The foundation’s activities are overseen by the delegation. The delegation takes decisions of distribution of funds from the foundation. The delegation is composed according to the statutes of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman and a minimum of ten and a maximum of sixteen members. Self-written members are the founder of the foundation, representatives of the Finnish and Swedish Ministries of Environment and the Nordic Investment Bank. Members of the delegation 2023-2025:

Peter Lindbäck Chairman. Member of Parliament, Lagtinget Åland
Johanna Mattila Vice chairman. Rector, docent, marine biologist Åland www.ha.ax
Christina Gestrin Master of Agroforestry Finland
Mats Löfstöm Member of Parliament in the Finnish Parliament Åland www.eduskunta.fi/SV/Sidor/default.aspx
Anders Wiklöf Councellor of Commerce, the foundation´s founder Åland
Lena Kautsky Professor emeritus and senior advisor Stockholm University’s Baltic Sea Centre Sweden www.su.se
Jan Ekebom Environment Council, Ministry of the Environment, Natural Environment Department, Unit for Sea and Water Protection. Finland www.ym.fi/sv/framsida
Erik Bonsdorff Professor Emeritus in marine biology (especially the ecology and environment of the Baltic Sea and the archipelago) Finland
Päivi Kippo-Edlund
Environmental protection manager emerita, City of Helsinki. Environmental expert
Arne Selander City manager, Mariehamn city Åland www.mariehamn.ax
Nils Lampi CEO Wiklöf Holding Ab Åland
Tony Cederberg Amanuensis, Husö biological station (Åbo Academy) Åland www.abo.fi/huso-biologiska-station/
Johan Ljungberg Director Sustainability, Nordic Investment Bank Finland www.nib.int
Anna Björn Unit manager Baltic Sea Science Center Sweden www.skansen.se/en/see-and-do/non-bookable-activities/baltic-sea-science-center/
Karin Strandfager Nature Conservation Manager Sweden https://skargardsstiftelsen.se/
Mia Dahlström Head of Unit for Marine Environment, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management Sweden https://www.havochvatten.se/
Katrin Sjögren Premier of Åland Åland https://www.regeringen.ax/


The Board

The role of the board is to be in charge of the matters of the foundation and to administer its assets. The five board members are appointed by the delegation for a term of office of three years. Members of the delegation 2023-2025:

Peter Wiklöf, chair Mariehamn
Lotta Wickström, vice chair Mariehamn
Daniel Dahlén Jomala
Oscar Fogelberg Mariehamn
Stefan Rumander Mariehamn


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