Welcome to take part in our work for a cleaner sea through a donation!

Are you looking for a gift for an anniversary, do you want to honor the memory of a loved one or are you interested in starting a business partnership with us?

Anniversaries and congratulations

Give a gift on an anniversary by making a payment to our account and download one of our finished greeting cards below (so far only in Swedish) or get inspired and create your own. Fill in the name of the jubilar as well as your own name and print the card, perhaps on a steadier paper.

You can also celebrate your own birthday by asking your congratulators to send possible gifts as donations to Östersjöfonden. Notify them of your request eg on the invitation card for the party, and include the account number.


Printed condolences are available from Ålandsbanken’s office in Mariehamn and from the burial office in Mariehamn.

As a family member or other relative, you can also start a collection as a memorial gift.

Christmas card

Christmas donations and gifts can also be directed to Östersjöfonden. Please use our finished Christmas cards below (so far only in Swedish). Fill in the recipient’s and your own name and then print the card.

Payments can be made to the following bank accounts

Ålandsbanken IBAN: FI46 6601 0002 2799 90 BIC: AABAFI22



Payments in Sweden can be made to:

Bankgiro: 264-2981

Businesses - The Baltic Sea needs your help!

We are on the right path but we still have a long way to go – the Baltic Sea is still one of the world’s most polluted sea areas and your help is needed! As our partner and sponsor, not only do you contribute to improving the Baltic Sea environment, but you also get the opportunity to take part of the knowledge and the network that exists within Östersjöfonden. To be seen in these contexts also strengthens your brand because many people care about our sea.

If you are interested in a partnership, do not hesitate to contact our Managing Director Thomas (tel. +358 457 345 98 89 or