Östersjöfonden has been awarding persons and organisations for significant and prominent efforts for the Baltic Sea environment since 1990. Altogether, over 820,000 euros has been awarded to 91 persons and organisations over the years.

We want to honour those in the forefront of protection work. The purpose is to show the importance of the individual contribution: it is possible to change and improve! We also want to give these forerunners confirmation of the value of their work and inspire them further. Through the public attention of the award we highlight important Baltic Sea issues in the general discussion and strive to influence decision makers and public opinion. In addition to the the main prize, the Baltic Sea Award, two other prizes are granted: the Åland Award and Lasse Wiklöf’s parliamentarian award.

Award Winners

Baltic Sea Award 2018

Mana Jūra

The Mana Jūra campaign, run by FEE Latvia (Foundation for Environmental Education), from Latvia, is rewarded with 20,000 euros for its work to draw attention to marine litter and engage the public in Latvia on this issue. During the 500-kilometer and 30-day walk, made every summer since 2012 along the Latvian coast, 500-800 people participate annually. Mana Jūra combines research, environmental education and practical environmental work. During the walk, Mana Jūra participants monitor the amount of waste through scientific methods and increase knowledge about the extent of the problem. It also raises awareness of marine litter and environmental issues in general, not only for those who participate in the walk but also for residents in the communities along the way. In addition, the litter is removed along the coast. Within Mana Jūra, lectures, music and storytelling are also used to lift the issue of marine litter on the agenda. The campaign has gained high visibility in social media and the press.

Lasse Wiklöf Award 2018

Carina Aaltonen

Åland Member of Parliament, former Minister for Social Affairs and Environment Carina Aaltonen from Åland, is awarded the Lasse Wiklöf Prize of 10,000 euros for her dedicated work for the aquatic environment and for sustainability issues. She has initiated and pursued actions for a cleaner sea for several parliamentary periods in the Åland Parliament, as chairman of the Social and Environmental Committee and in Nordic cooperation. As a Minister of Social Affairs and Environment, she initiated the “Sustainability Agenda for Åland”, which the parliament approved unanimously. In her environmental work she has always included social sustainability. Carina Aaltonen is also an active environmentalist at the local level, engaged in a number of associations, and in addition she lives as she teaches.

Åland Award 2018

Johan Mörn

Johan Mörn from Saltvik is awarded 3,000 euros for his strong commitment to the archipelago and the Baltic Sea. Johan Mörn is a nature person with a great environmental commitment and with a broad knowledge about nature and the changes in it. He gladly shares his experiences and engages others in questions about nature and the environment. He has coined the concept of “axgan” to convey the alandic food and been the initiator for restoring fishing villages in the outer archipelago, including at Kråkskär.