Östersjöfonden has been awarding persons and organisations for significant and prominent efforts for the Baltic Sea environment since 1990. Altogether, over 820,000 euros has been awarded to 91 persons and organisations over the years.

We want to honour those in the forefront of protection work. The purpose is to show the importance of the individual contribution: it is possible to change and improve! We also want to give these forerunners confirmation of the value of their work and inspire them further. Through the public attention of the award we highlight important Baltic Sea issues in the general discussion and strive to influence decision makers and public opinion. In addition to the the main prize, the Baltic Sea Award, two other prizes are granted: the Åland Award and Lasse Wiklöf’s parliamentarian award.

Award Winners

Baltic Sea Award 2019

Olga Senova

Olga Senova, St. Petersburg, Russia, is one of the earliest frontrunners in the environmental movement in Russia. She has been involved in a variety of Baltic Sea issues, including waste water treatment in rural areas, microplastics, the impact of climate change on the Baltic Sea and environmental education. Olga Senova continuously strives to build bridges, create networks and horizontal structures and exchange information and experiences.

Olga Senova is awarded 25,000 euro for her life-long work for a cleaner sea.

Baltic Sea Award 2019

Jochen Lamp

Jochen Lamp, Stralsund, Germany, has worked nationally and internationally within the NGO sector for the long-term conservation of the Baltic Sea nature and natural resources. He has contributed to reducing the impact on nature in several large infrastructure projects. He is internationally recognized as an expert in marine spatial planning who also works in the field of restoring coastal zone wetlands. Jochen Lamp makes visions come true, finds successful paths, shapes strategic alliances and convinces local communities, national authorities and international bodies.

Jochen Lamp is awarded 25,000 euro for his life-long work for a cleaner sea.

Baltic Sea Award 2019

Mikko Jokinen

Mikko Jokinen, Turku, Finland, was one of the first municipal environmental directors in Finland and has participated in first building up and later developing environmental protection practice in Finland. He has also actively contributed to cooperation between the Baltic Sea Region’s municipalities and cities. Mikko Jokinen has come up with innovative initiatives in water protection through his extensive network of authorities, academia and science, NGOs and the business sector. He has been a broad-minded promoter, active developer and practical implementer of environmental initiatives and collaborations throughout his career.

Mikko Jokinen is awarded 25,000 euro for his life-long work for a cleaner sea.

Baltic Sea Award 2019

Erik Bonsdorff

Professor Erik Bonsdorff, Turku, Finland, has contributed with his research to an increased understanding of the character of the Baltic Sea, as well as its sensitivity and ability to recover after disturbances. He has been a driving force in the public debate on what measures to take for the Baltic Sea environment. He has also determined the need for measures through his involvement in environmental monitoring and interpretation of long time series. Through his extensive teaching activities in Finland and Sweden, he has trained a new generation of Baltic Sea researchers. Hence he has been a principal actor in marine biology cooperation in the Baltic Sea region and all Europe.

Erik Bonsdorff is awarded 25,000 euro for his life-long work for a cleaner sea.


Interview with Erik Bonsdorff, audio:

Lasse Wiklöf Award 2019

Pertti Salolainen

Pertti Salolainen, Helsinki, Finland, is rewarded with the Lasse Wiklöf Award of 10,000 euros for his work for the Baltic Sea and its nature as member of the parliament, minister, party leader and ambassador, where he prioritized environmental issues in all his roles. As a parliamentarian he has questioned the work of the government regardless of who has been in power and made sharp statements in the public debate. He takes every opportunity to emphasize the importance of a cleaner Baltic Sea, sometimes at the expense of welfare and comfort.

Åland Award 2019

Jan Holmes, Isabel Kvarnfors and Erik Lindholm

The following people are rewarded with the Åland Award for their ground breaking pioneering work for the organic agriculture on Åland and long-term environmental commitment. The prize of 9,000 euros is shared equally between:

– Jan Holmes, Hammarland
– Isabell Kvarnfors, Sund
– Erik Lindholm, Saltvik