Östersjöfonden has been awarding persons and organisations for significant and prominent efforts for the Baltic Sea environment since 1990. Altogether, over 820,000 euros has been awarded to 91 persons and organisations over the years.

We want to honour those in the forefront of protection work. The purpose is to show the importance of the individual contribution: it is possible to change and improve! We also want to give these forerunners confirmation of the value of their work and inspire them further. Through the public attention of the award we highlight important Baltic Sea issues in the general discussion and strive to influence decision makers and public opinion. In addition to the the main prize, the Baltic Sea Award, two other prizes are granted: the Åland Award and Lasse Wiklöf’s parliamentarian award.

Award Winners

Baltic Sea Award 2020

Marine Education Center (Marint Kunskapscenter)

The Marine Education Center from Malmö, Sweden is awarded 15,000 euros for its work in marine pedagogy. The center propagates knowledge of the Baltic Sea to many children, young people and adults and increases their ocean literacy. The Marine Education Center interweaves marine pedagogy with the global sustainability goals in a scientific and tangible way. The center’s focus on special groups, such as newly arrived and persons with disabilities, is especially valuable. The center has created an excellent synergy by combining its exhibition, nature school, beach cleaning campaigns and various development projects.

Marine Education Center Web page.

Film from the Center.

Baltic Sea Award 2020

Markku Ollikainen

Professor Markku Ollikainen from Helsinki, Finland is awarded 15,000 euros for his work on cost-effective protection measures for the Baltic Sea and for his commitment to Finnish climate policy. Ollikainen, as chair of the Finnish Climate Panel, has been very active in raising the climate issue in Finnish politics. Climate change affects the state of the Baltic Sea, for instance by increasing eutrophication due to increased run-off of nutrients from land and weakening the oxygen situation on the deep bottoms. As a professor of environmental economics, Ollikainen has emphasized cost-effectiveness when deciding on protection measures, as an example gypsum treatment of arable land to reduce the phosphorus load from agriculture. He is also chair of the Baltic Sea Panel, founded by the cities of Helsinki and Turku, as one of the measures within the Baltic Sea Challenge. Ollikainen is an active voice in the public debate on Baltic Sea and climate issues.

See Markku Ollikainen present his work.

Åland Award 2020

Överängs Kvarn

The family company Överängs Kvarn from Saltvik is awarded 3,000 euros for its work in ecologically producing and developing cereal products of Åland origin. Överängs Kvarn continuously develops new products for their product range in a true Åland entrepreneurial spirit where sustainable and circular solutions are at the forefront.